Guilds and Orders

Members interested in various studies and/or crafts may request to join a guild of like-minded individuals. The following Guilds are active within the Kingdom of Vega:

  • Guild of Metal Weavers (study and practice of weaving metal including Chainmaille, Wire wrapping/weaving and beading).

Membership to Orders within the Kingdom of Vega (and ECS as a whole) is by invitation only. To be initiated into an order you must first show knowledge of the tenets of the order through willingness to teach others. The following orders are active within the ECS:

  • Order of Saint Jude (For encouraging greater authenticity in the ECS)
  • Order of Saint Michael (For study of the Crusades)
  • Order of Sophia (Granted for fulfilling the mandate to Educate others)
  • Order of Sovereign’s Gratitude (For extraordinary service to the KOV or the ECS)
  • Order of the Stealth Sloth (For study of the traveling bard)
  • Order of the Heavens (For knighthood in all three ECS forms)
  • Order of the Moon (For excellence in Arts – only avail. to Arts Knights)
  • Order of the Star (For excellence in Combat – only avail. to Combat Knights)
  • Order of the Sun (For excellence in Ministry – only avail. to Ministry Knights)